Learn More about Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

 Sunny is a flooring company that helps the residential and commercial property owners in the Philadelphia, PA area to get the beautiful and durable floors they want. We provide a wide range of affordable services to everyone and have been doing that for over 17 years now. But because we are still getting lots of questions about the work we do, we have decided that the best we can do is share some more information here, on our website. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the hardwood floor refinishing service we provide!

Over time, your beautiful hardwood floor may start looking dirty and dull. When the finish wears off, lots of impurities can settle into some small cracks and holes, which will make the flooring look less appealing. However, you should not rush to do flooring replacement because the beautiful shine of your hardwood floor can be restored. We, from Sunny, are able to provide you with a quality refinishing service, which is the most affordable and quick way to have good-looking floors again.

Other than doing wood floor installation, we have the skills and professional equipment required to do refinishing work. We will sand down the existing finish of your floor and will clean all the impurities that got into the cracks and holes. Then, we will fill in all the gaps and apply a stain in the color of the wood. After that, we will clean the whole area and apply the new finish to make your flooring shiny and looking like new.

So, if you ever need a professional hardwood floor refinishing service for your property in Philadelphia, PA, you should not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at (215) 200-0479 and are looking forward to your calls!