Types of Materials for A Successful Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate is a preferred choice of flooring material. Unlike, carpet and wood flooring, your laminate floors won’t fade in the sunlight or develop stain over time. It is also resistant to scratches and impacts. But enough with the benefits. This article aims to turn your attention to the types of planks you can use for your installation.

One categorization we can make is according to the installation process. The different varieties consist of glueless-click, pre-glued, and glued laminate. The glueless-click category is one of the easiest to install and handled by many DIY-ers. As the term suggests, this technique doesn’t need glue to join the separate boards but a click-lock system. Some materials even come with an attached underpad which makes the whole laminate flooring installation even easier. In the second group, the joints have already glue applied to them but they need moisture for the glue to be activated. The glued laminate uses glue to join the separate planks.

According to their surface, you can have smooth, textured, and distressed materials. The first group provides luster and smoothness to your floors. You can actually choose between high, medium, and low-gloss finishes. The second ones are not shiny but they have a textured finish. The distressed laminate is also called hand scraped and it adds an antique touch to your laminate flooring.

We can make a classification also according to the Abrasion Class (AC) rating. There are AC1 – Moderate residential, AC2 – General residential, AC3 – Heavy residential/Moderate commercial, AC4 – General commercial, and AC5 – Heavy commercial. Your selection will depend on what degree of durability you need. Your choice will also determine the laminate floor installation method used. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the AC rating, the higher the cost.

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